Commodities & Raw Materials Opportunity Spotting

Andalucia Provides thorough analysis for institutional clients of their raw materials and commodities needs.

Whereas we are able to provide continuous insight into international price moves for different commodities, we are best at highlighting specific opportunities which arise in different markets.

Through analysis of international commodity markets, and price moves in major U.S. futures markets, we are able to identify opportunities where the market is expected to move significantly higher or lower.

If you are an institutional client looking for advice on your basic raw materials and/or commodities management, please fill our Commodity Requirements Questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible to set an appointment with a specialized advisor. Also, you can just contact us to talk to a specialized advisor.

Example of Recommendations (click on entry to learn more)

Date Commodity Client
25/10/2007 Wheat United Miller Group UMG, Egypt


Commodity Class Available Commodities
Energies Crude Oil , Heating Oil , Unleaded Gasoline , Natural Gas
Foods and Softs Cocoa , Cotton , Coffee , Lumber , FC Orange J - Sugar
Grains Rice , Wheat , Corn , Soybeans , Soybean Meal , Soybean Oil , Oats
Meats Feeder Cattle , Live Cattle
Metals Gold , Silver , Platinum , Palladium - Copper