Date Commodity Client
25/10/2007 Wheat United Miller Group UMG, Egypt

On October 21st 2007, we were asked by United Miller Group UMG, an Egyptian Milling Company to speculate on the movement of international wheat prices to help them plan their immediate production and raw materials arrangements.

After filling our Commodity Requirements Questionnaire, we gave them the advice on October 25th to buy only their immediate requirements as we speculated a downward movement in international prices of Wheat.

The closing price of wheat on the Chicago Board of Trade CBOT on October 24th, the day prior to our advice was 811.00 cents per bushel. On November 16th the closing price of wheat is down to 749.50 cents per bushel. This represents a saving of more than 7.5% in just three weeks for the milling company's raw materials.

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